Prudence has its rewards.

MIST offers the following checks to help you assess a potential hire's background and if they are in line with your organization's policies and procedures:

  • Academic credential verification
  • Identity & address verification
  • Prior employment & work reference verification
  • Criminal & court records screening
  • Global database checks
  • Credit report & financial history verification
  • Drug usage & compliance checks
  • Tailored verification packages for specific industry needs
  • Detailed & transparent reporting
  • Regulatory compliance with data privacy laws
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MIST takes pride in its cutting-edge portal, meticulously designed to intelligently process checks with exceptional efficiency, meeting and exceeding client turnaround time expectations. Harnessing the power of APIs wherever feasible, our technology-driven approach minimizes the need for physical, direct candidate interaction. This innovative portal streamlines our processes, ensuring accuracy, speed, and a seamless experience for both clients and candidates alike.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art portal isn't just an internal asset; it's a valuable resource extended to our clients. They can access real-time case status updates, fostering transparency and instant insights into their projects. Additionally, we offer the flexibility for clients to request APIs or integrations, enabling seamless alignment with their existing software and enhancing the overall efficiency of their processes. At MIST, we believe in empowering our clients with the tools they need to achieve success.